Divorce is a life-altering change.

Having an awareness of the factors necessary for change and the various stages of change makes it easier for you to remain calm and patient.  A Parenting Coach will assist you with goal achievement and decision-making. The focus is on the present situation (the divorce) and learning how to approach and manage the challenges and decisions that divorce presents.

Parenting Coaching is not like therapy or counseling. There is no assumption that a mental health problem exists and a coach does not delve into the past to look for root causes of problematic issues.

A Parenting Coach never provides legal advice or serves as a substitute for your attorney.  Your attorney is retained to represent your best interests and to advocate for you in court.  You depend on your attorney to gather pertinent information and investigate the financial issues in order to settle the business part of the divorce.

It can be very difficult to distinguish business matters from the emotional issues of divorce, as they are often intertwined. 

A Parenting Coach serves as your personal guide throughout the process, and assists you in separating the emotional from the business.

Clients can benefit by working with a Coach to set realistic expectations for the process and receive education about how the divorce may affect their children.  Being informed and prepared helps you make these important decisions with confidence. Guiding clients in clarifying their thoughts, needs, and concerns, in order to communicate more effectively, is another important function of the Coach.

Clear, purposeful and rational communication helps to ease tension and foster understanding between spouses, as well as parents and children. Being skilled at asking pertinent questions aids a client in choosing and communicating effectively with his or her attorney. It is important to proceed through the divorce process in manageable steps; thus, the Parenting Coach will help clients to prioritize the tasks that need to be completed during the divorce.

Clients need to realize their personal strengths in order to overcome obstacles that might be encountered during the divorce process. A Parenting Coach provides the necessary support, motivation, and encouragement for clients to become empowered to plan for a positive future.


MaryAnne Cavaca